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The Kafo Federation is the largest federation of farmers and rural producers in Guinea-Bissau. Over 20 years of successes and 25,000 affiliated farmers make the federation an unstoppable driver of economic and social development for the whole country. Help us to support this great movement.

These are the topics that are dear to us.

Food security and traditional seed varieties

Every year, we save dozens of rural villages from hunger, supplying drinking water, literacy courses and training and promoting the use of traditional seed varieties.

Agroecology and community forestry

We save and enhance the local heritage with agroecology, agroforestry and vocational courses for the profitable and aware management of the community forests.

Rural gender equality

We support women farmers’ right to access the land and financial resources and we promote the inclusion of women and young people in production and social settings.

Social and climate crises

We help farmers to achieve self-sufficiency even in difficult social and climatic conditions, teaching them to develop new technical, business and social cohesion skills.

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Notre croissance depuis 2000.

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This is how we get to the heart of rural people’s problems.

Where survival is a constant challenge, the Kafo Federation intervenes with development programmes that teach the rural population how to farm better, embrace gender equality, develop cohesive communities and defend their own resources and rights. Find out more about our key projects, support us!

A huge thanks to everyone who believes in us!

Our farming centre

Discover the circular economy in Djalicunda.

From sustainable farming lessons to the local radio, from the seed bank to school allotments: Djalicunda is the driving force of the Kafo rural development model.

The centre’s activities.

Our team

Saving lives and bringing a smile to rural populations.

Every day, our team works in the remotest countryside and forests to help lift entire villages out of poverty. If you find their infectious smile, support our work!



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