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Food security, climate crisis, agroecology and seed varieties, gender equality.

We have been specialising in these topics for over 20 years, and they have allowed us to save hundreds of communities from hunger and social exclusion.

However, in Guinea-Bissau hundreds of villages are still at risk of poverty; one out of two women have no access to land; most of the young people, two thirds of the population, are unemployed; thousands of farmers live in areas where the soil has become arid; millions of square metres of forests and dozens of traditional seed varieties are at risk of extinction. Help us to turn the tide: we know what to do! 

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What we offer our supporters.

Custom consulting.
We help you to understand which topics are dearest to you, also creating customised sponsorship formulas.  

A participatory approach.
If you wish, you can develop projects together with us and in continuous dialogue with the rural communities.  

Regular project updates.
In addition to regular detailed reports, we send you photos and testimonials of the projects you support. 

Constant monitoring.
We ensure the constant control of the use of your financial support, through internal and external monitoring activities. 

Dialogue with our Ambassadors.
We offer you the chance to talk to some of our “historical” sponsors to better understand how you can take part. 

Our projects looking for sponsors

This is how we get to the heart of rural people’s problems.

Where survival is an everyday challenge, the Kafo Federation intervenes with development programmes that teach the rural population how to farm better, embrace gender equality, develop cohesive communities and defend their own resources and rights. Find out more about our key projects, support us!

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