Our team.

Sambú Seck

Secretary general of the KAFO Farmer Federation since 2009.

Administrator with training in economic and social management.

Sambú Seck has extensive skill and experience in both north-south and south-south development cooperation, holding a variety of professional positions within civil society and farming cooperation programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa.

His experiences gained in Europe and South America have further consolidated his highly-qualified professional profile.

His skills include the coordination of integrated development programmes run by the pan-African NGO RADI-ANID and the SWISSAID Foundation in Guinea-Bissau.

Working with civil society organisations, he has held a number of positions in contexts including the Oil and Mining Industries Working Group of Guinea-Bissau, the National Coalition for the Protection of African Genetic Heritage and the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Language Countries) Farming Platform. He has also been Vice-Chairman of the Swiss NGO LEAD.

He contributed to the foundation of the International Working Group on Family Farming (GTI-AFP) and the Civil society network for food security and nutritional sovereignty of Guinea-Bissau (REESSAN-GB). He was awarded the Biodiversity and Conservation Prize in Guinea-Bissau as well as an Honorary Diploma from the University of Colinas de Boé.

In his capacity as secretary general of the KAFO rural federation, he has helped set up the Djalicunda smallholder training centre, which has led to the development of a network of solidarity, cohesion and peasant movements in Guinea-Bissau.

Celestino Mendes

Head of Administration and Finance of the KAFO Farmer Federation since 2023.

Accounting, financial consulting, business management and IT expert.

After working for the KAFO Federation for several years as vice-manager of RAFO-KAFO and accounting officer on numerous projects, Celestino Mendes was promoted to Head of Administration And Finance of the Federation.

His professional expertise and experience gained in finance, accounting, business management and IT sectors allow him to support financial professionals and entrepreneurs in preparing accounting and management documents, helping to improve the financial control of service providers.              

He has worked professionally as advanced IT consultant and coordinator at the Technology and Design Centre in Bissau.

His keen interest in youth association dynamics led him to actively participate in the creation and promotion of youth organisations for local development in the Cacheu region.

A devout Christian, he has contributed to the organisation and coordination of the activities of the Foursquare Evangelical churches of Guinea-Bissau.

Academically, he won the best student prize for 3 consecutive years.

Edué Faustino Badinca

Executive secretary of the KAFO Farmer Federation since 2016.

Degree in business administration and management from the Lusophone University in Bissau.

After completing an internship in the administrative and financial department of the KAFO Federation in 2013, Edué Faustino Badinca was recruited to manage the “Sabores da Tabanca” shop.

The shop sells local crafts and produce as part of the project aiming to improve food security and nutrition, co-financed by the European Union and implemented by the KAFO Federation in partnership with the NGO ESSOR, in the Oio and Cacheu regions.

In 2016 she was promoted to the position of Executive Secretary and Assistant to the Head of Administration and Finance of the KAFO Federation, with administrative and financial tasks.

Before joining the KAFO Federation, she undertook a traineeship in the sales department of the NSIA insurance company. Through the TIKA Foundation, she has attended a number of specialist courses on subjects including sales, poultry farming, animal production, nutrition and marketing.

Sidney Alves dos Santos

Programme Manager of the KAFO Farmer Federation since September 2023.

Degree in economics from the Lusophone University of Guinea-Bissau with a master in Project management from the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISM) in Ziguinchor-Senegal.

Sidney Alves dos Santos was Head of Administration and Finance at the KAFO Farming Federation for over 7 years.

He is currently studying for a master’s degree in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion des Organisations (ISMO) in Dakar-Senegal.

A committed professional who enjoys gaining new knowledge, he combines academic learning with teaching in universities, technical and vocational training centres and secondary schools in the country.

He has gained extensive experience in the fields of voluntary associations, citizenship and leadership, design and management of development projects, administrative, financial, accounting and asset management, conflict management and mediation.

Active in human rights, women’s rights and environmental protection campaigns, he puts his strong interpersonal and communication skills to use with both colleagues and the general public.

His operational autonomy, precise and timely project management skills, combined with high flexibility and an open-minded approach to new challenges, allow him to constantly improve in both personal and professional spheres.

Eduardo Lourenço Mendes

KAFO Farmer Federation project coordinator for the northern region of Guinea-Bissau since May 2023.

Degree in Economics from the Federal University of Paraíba, Brazil (2010), Master in Administration and Rural Development UFRPE-Brazil (2013).

Eduardo Lourenço Mendes has gained solid experience in the fields of economics, finance and administration, and is a lecturer on various subjects in Economics, Business and Development courses.

He was student representative in the PEC-G programme for university students (2010) and since March 2012 has been a lecturer and TCC adviser for bachelor’s and post-grad degrees in Brazil and, recently, also in Guinea-Bissau.

He is the coordinator of the REDE project implemented in partnership with the KAFO Farming Federation, the government of Guinea-Bissau and the IFAD fund.

Marcelino Joaquim da Silva

KAFO Farmer Federation project manager for the southern region of Guinea-Bissau since October 2023.

Degree in International Business from the “2IM” International Management Institute in Dakar, Senegal, 2014.

Marcelino Joaquim da Silva joined the KAFO Federation in 2018, working in the company KAFO-COM SARL marketing and selling local products.

Two years later, he held the position of coordinator of the PDCV-ARROZ project, run from 2019 to 2023 as part of the partnership between the KAFO Federation and the NGO ADPP.

Today, as KAFO project coordinator in the south of the country, he coordinates the economic development support project in the southern region (PADES), funded by IFAD, and since 2019 has cooperated in the coordination of the Sub-regional women’s movement for agroecology in Guinea-Bissau (We Are the Solution).

He has also held the role of facilitator of the project for peaceful and inclusive land management in the Oio region, as part of the partnership between KAFO and FAO, with the support of the Peacebuilding Fund (PBF).

He has worked on the project for the purchase of local produce for school canteens in the Biombo region in partnership with the NGO PAM, co-financed by the Japanese government.

He has participated in a number of training courses on leadership, project management and agroecology.

Cádia Jaime Fernandes

Project manager for the KAFO Farmer Federation Gender Equality and Rural Women’s Leadership project.

Degree in accounting and management from the University of Colinas de Boé.

A KAFO farmer since 2018, Cádia Jaime Fernandes, was in charge of the shop SABORES DA TA-BANCA as part of the food security and nutrition project run by KAFO in partnership with the NGO ESSOR and the European Union.

As head of the CETD (Experimentation and Processing Centre in Djalicunda), she was in charge of research, experimentation, processing, marketing and sales of local products.

For several years she has also been the coordinator and leader of the African Rural Women’s Movement for food sovereignty (Nous Sommes la Solution) in Guinea-Bissau.

This movement works in 8 countries in the sub-region, with the fundamental goal of providing concrete support to rural women’s associations working in agro-ecological transition and in the process of economic and social emancipation.

She also works as a trainer in the fields of gender equality, the development of rural women’s skills and agro-ecological production (bio-fertilisers, bio-pesticides and bio-protectors).

Belomi Camará

Acting director of the Djalicunda Farming Centre since 2021.

Degree in management and accounting from the University of Colinas de Boé in Bissau.

Belomi Camará took on the role of acting director of the Djalicunda Farming Centre after holding the position of project coordinator for the development of the rice value chain as part of a partnership between KAFO and ADPP in 2018.

Before joining KAFO, he worked in the statistical data processing services at the department of agricultural statistics at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

He has taken part in numerous socio-economic studies, including the economic analysis of families in rural areas (organised by the Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel – CILSS), the study of survival strategies in urban areas (PAM), the study of school management and service performance indicators (BM), the study of rice producers in the Bafata region (INPA-AFRICARICE), and a study on cashew farmers in Guinea-Bissau (INE-BM).

He has also been regional supervisor for the two KAFO projects in the Oio region: school canteens project with the support of PAM, and the REDE project, co-funded by IFAD and the government of Guinea-Bissau.

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